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Sundance Mountain Resort



REACH: 29.3K

REACH: 18.2K

Photo Gallery

Moon Hangar, Joshua tree

The Invisible Wind Home, Joshua tree


Each resort/airbnb has its own unique needs. Pricing and Bundles can vary based upon individuals requests.

Professional Highlight Video

-1 to 3 minute Highlight video

-Drone Footage

-Professional color grading

-licensed music

*This video provides a high quality experience

for potential clients to view your property. It can be

used as a header on a website, put with the home listing,

or posted on Youtube where a QR code can be linked to it.

*Pricing will vary*

TikTok/Instagram Video Content

DSLR or iPhone quality available

1 video

3 videos

5 videos

10 videos





*This content allows for in feed posting.

Some examples are:

-walk through of the property

-mini vlogs

-things to do around the property

-ASMR/views of the property

Photo Content

10 photos

20 photos

30 photos




*Photos are often used for in

feed posts, social media stories, websites

or used to market giveaways.

What do you get from these services?

More Bookings and Engagement

Social media exposure

A chance to be featured in top blogs